Product Design

DesignWise Automation specialise in designing products which solve particular manufacturing or component assembly challenges. Our experience enables us to rapidly and clearly define the full spectrum of requirements enabling the development of the best solution.

We employ the latest design tools which both accelerate this process and enables us to better communicate the solution idea to both the client (for review) and the assembly team (for build). Our design team are proficient in the use of 3D Modelling software.

We have a policy of continually improving our design expertise. Coupled with our commitment to deliver excellence in each project we continuously seek new and more effective ways to overcome our design challenges.

Technology Integration
Technology plays a dominant role in our solutions and therefore our continual awareness of new and emerging technologies is paramount. We actively research new technologies, assessing them for their capability and usefulness to our work. Our goal for each project is to seek new and innovative ways to improve efficiency while reducing cost.

Lateral thinking is central to the Designwise Automation design process and we frequently combine various leading-edge technologies into our solutions.

over view of Ozone Fixture
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