Expertise & Core Skills

At Designwise Automation we are committed to delivering excellence to each of our clients, in every project. By combining new technology with innovative techniques, we continually provide more cost effective ways to transform a design challenge into a successful solution." 
"Declan Bracken, Managing Director and Founder, Designwise Automation Ltd.

Our Expertise is in Design

Since 1993 the Designwise Automation team have been focused on delivering innovation and quality.

We are adept in rapidly acquiring 360 degrees visibility of a problem. Our design expertise and experience combined enables us to highlight and focus on the real issues, which leads to the conceptualisation of the eventual solution. Our proven ability to consistently transform ideas into actual working solutions in-house, differentiates us from our competitors.

Our design process is closely monitored allowing us to meet deadlines time after time. We are committed to providing our clients with high quality and reliable solutions, within the project timeframe. Our clients testimonials underline our dedication to delivering complete project satisfaction.

Core Skills
The Designwise Automation skill-base includes:

Client Management

  • Understanding our clients and their requirements
  • Best utilisation of a strong partner network
  • High reliance on CRM Software


  • Identification and clarification of 'real' requirements
  • Solution conceptualisation
  • 2D & 3D CAD Modeling (SolidWorks)
  • High Level PLC programming and software development
  • Preparing FDS (Functional Design Specifications)

Project Management

  • Process Design and Development
  • Risk Analysis and CE Marking (compliance with the European Manufacturing Directive)


  • Customised components
  • Sourcing best-of-breed vendor components
  • Assembly: mechanical and electronics, controls and pneumatics.

Testing and Validation:

  • Quality Assurance

The Designwise Automation team have a wide range of experience in numerous key sectors including: Healthcare, Electronics, Medical Devices, Software, Aerospace and Manufacturing.

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