Case Studies

Case Study 1: Process Design

Brief: Design a new Manufacturing Process for a Medical Device company.

 After several projects and developing a strong relationship with this client (a multinational Medical Devices company), Designwise Automation was requested to join a team on a consultancy basis to evaluate and propose a robust solution for the complete new manufacturing process.

 This company needed to design a complete process for the manufacture of a device used in heart surgery. Many parts of their existing process were difficult to control & resulted in poor yield. The new process would need to be well understood & clearly defined.

 Aggressive time frames were required for the delivery of the proposed solution. Using 3D CAD modelling, coupled with our broadband internet connection Designwise Automation enabled active real time collaboration.

The visibility generated by 3D CAD models gave our Client the confidence to place orders for several solutions at an early stage. These solutions were delivered on time and functioned exactly as outlined in the CAD models. Designwise Automation were subsequently requested to supply this solution to other divisions within this multinational company. (USA & Europe)

Benefits: This new process enabled:

  1. A high capability index
  2. High yield
  3. Minimal Human handling
  4. Improvement of product quality

This new process enabled a 50% cost saving on the original process.

Case Study 2: Solution Design

Brief: Design and develop a new Metal Component Forming System.

 A multinational manufacturer had a requirement to design a high performance metal forming system. Traditional press tools were not providing satisfactory performance and were deemed unsuitable for this particular application.

Evaluation:Designwise Automation was requested to evaluate the current equipment and propose a new enhanced alternative. An integral aspect of this evaluation was consulting with a wide range of the client's key staff members. This enabled a comprehensive overview of the requirements. Through consultation, the key requirements were identified:

  1. In line forming system to feed assembly process
  2. Cycle on demand at 150 parts per minute
  3. Trouble free operation
  4. Ease of set up and adjustment
  5. Process capability to 6 sigma.

Solution:Designwise Automation produced 3-D Models of the proposed solution. This was then presented to the Client and after further consultations agreement was reached on the detailed path forward.

These designs were then converted to reality within 8 weeks. On delivery of the first system the client immediately placed orders for fifteen more, for other company operations around the world.

Benefits: The benefits of this solution were:

  1. High process capability.
  2. Ease of use: operator training is minimal.
  3. Low noise levels and efficient operation.
  4. Minimal maintenance requirement.
  5. Low requirement for technical back-up.

An important aspect of this project was the initial consultation with the client's key staff members. Through careful management, this contribution from staff provided Designwise Automation with a deep appreciation of the requirements as well as creating a consensus of approval for the new system amongst the client's staff. The result is a more efficient solution, rapidly designed due to minimal iterations.

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