Consultancy Services

DesignWise Automation provide consultancy in the design and build of new Products and Processes. We take great pride in possessing:

  1. A team with over one hundred and twenty five years of combined experience in the design and build of automation systems deployed across numerous industrial sectors.
  2. Over ten years of service to both large corporates and SMEs providing us with familiarisation of the typical internal processes within such organisations.

Understanding the real issues and bringing clarity to the problem solving process are corner-stones of our Consultancy Service. DesignWise Automation's reputation is based on our proven ability to repeatedly deliver cost effective and highly efficient solutions (See our Client's Testemonials)

Our competency in design and our ability to speedily deliver high quality solutions, enables us to quickly develop a working prototype if desired. This enables our clients to rapidly and cost effectively reach a 'go-no go' decision.

Broadband Communications
At Designwise Automation we believe in enabling the client to have full visibility of the work in progress. It enables us to rapidly arrive at the best solution, minimising iteration. Our secure broadband link ensures the quick and easy transfer of designs between us and our clients.